Digital Or Print – Which Is Best In The World Of Photography

In the past, you did not have to choose between any other photography methods than film. Everyone had a film camera and everyone either learned to develop their film or took it to their local processor. Now, you do have a choice and many people who are used to film wonder, which is better. Today we have film cameras and digital cameras. Here are the pros and cons of using both digital and print photography.

The Pros of Digital
Digital cameras are great for most people. Perhaps the best thing about a digital camera is that you have instant access to the pictures you have taken. When you use a digital camera, you can immediately see the image that you just made and determine whether or not you need to re-shoot that particular subject. Besides, when you take digital pictures, you can easily download the prints to your computer. You can store your photos, enhance them and print them on your printer. Also, digital prints make for easy storage. You can shoot thousands of digital pictures and store them on a couple of disks. Compare that to the boxes of printed photos that you probably have in your home.

The Cons of Digital
There are many cons to using digital as well. For example, digital pictures are easily lost. If you are like most people, you probably download the images to your computer and never do anything else with them. If you do not back up your digital pictures to disk, all it takes is for your computer to crash one time, and you have potentially lost hundreds of valuable photos. Many people feel that digital pictures do not have the same look and feel like film prints.

For this reason, most professional photographers still prefer to use film instead of digital. Digital pictures can also become pricey if you print them out at home. A good quality printer paper, plus coloured printer cartridges for your printer, can add up quickly…

The Pros of Film
As mentioned earlier, many professional photographers still prefer to use film to digital. If you take pictures for a hobby, you can adjust your film camera to get the exact look that you want. That is not always the case with digital photos. Some people prefer to use a film camera, so it forces them to have their pictures developed right away. Rather than leaving your memories on a disk, you have to have your print pictures printed. You will always have them in your hand to look at.

The Cons of Film
It seems that film cameras are losing popularity. The film is not as convenient as digital. He must wait to have pictures developed before you can look at them down is also expensive and having images processed, adds extra expense. Besides, when you use film, you must have everything on your roll of film printed out. You cannot scroll through and delete wicked pictures on the spot as you do when you use digital.

When considering film over digital, one is no better than the other. The choice has more to do with your personal preferences than anything else does. If you are considering buying a new camera, look at both film and digital to determine which ones are right for your use. I have three digital cameras, a 35mm camera and a standard film camera. If I had to choose, I would choose the digital because of the option to view pictures right away. That way, you know if you are capturing the image the way you intended too. I have been caught too many times with fuzzy pictures, missing heads, and so on. Another thing is with a digital camera, if you need glasses, you will still be in focus, whereas with a 35 mm focus camera, you might have a surprise, fuzzy pictures. You may never find another opportunity like that again.

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